Symbolizing strength in elegance, Menz epitomizes the modern man`s style and personality. Launched by the Gitanjali Group, India`s largest branded jewellery conglomerate, Menz helps to distinguish him greatly from the crowd and ensures that he creates an impact wherever he goes.

Crafted from 18kt Gold and encrusted with Diamonds, the jewellery from Menz centers around bold geometric shapes giving it a masculine appeal. Apart from studded Diamonds, the brand largely uses `Enameling` a modern state of the art technique that uses specialised colours to paint Gold jewellery and other various textures on Gold, adding an element of finesse and style.

Supremely impressive with a dash of sophistication, Menz is ideal for the affluent, metrosexual men who are fashionably forward and like to make their presence known with their stunning sense of style.